Shopping in Cartagena is a Treat

The thing that will strike you the most when you shop Cartagena is the authenticity of everything you find. Instead of the ubiquitous European merchandise cloned in shops throughout the Caribbean, you find quality goods made in Colombia.

There is world-class emerald jewelry in which all the materials and workmanship are from Colombian sources. This jewelry, to any value, is free of Customs duties in the United States under legislation known as ATPDEA, the Andean Trade Preferences and Drug Eradication Act.

Colombia is renowned worldwide for the finest of mild arabica coffees. They are of course sourced only in Colombia, as are the magnificent leather goods that you find here. And then there is contemporary art, antiques, and women's wear. The common denominator is that everything is Colombian made, unusual, and reasonably priced. And don't forget our superb hand rolled cigars.

Don't forget to stop by the Pierino Gallo Shopping Center.